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700+ games and activities to engage your children at home

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Busy Things supports your children's learning at home, engaging them with exciting activities that will enhance their knowledge and understanding.


All activities are designed to support learning in a fun way, promoting the development of your children's skills inline with their school  curriculum.


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Here are just a few examples of our games and activities

You can play them with your children, or they can play independently.

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Inspire and encourage your children

Busy Things offers positive encouragement to have another go when a child does not get it right first time. Your children will feel a real sense of achievement when they do succeed and will often be rewarded with fun animations to cheer them along.


Busy Things is a learning tool which children love and parents rave about, and we're sure you'll love it too.  


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Look out for our different types of activities!

Busy Things has many different activity types to support different kinds of topic and different ways of learning.


Paint projects

chinese dragon colouring
fractions quiz
write about mount vesuvius


paint box


learning about the clock


money widget
maths worksheet


Support learning away from the screen! Busy Things include ready-made printable resources that  support a selection of our games. Print these out so your children can enjoy using pencils, crayons, scissors and glue!

Adapt games to suit your children's strengths and weaknesses

Busy Things activities are selected and customised automatically to suit the ages and school years of your children.


However, we understand that every child is an individual!  


So we have made it so that you can increase or decrease the difficulty of individual games as well as choose which activities and subject areas your children can play.

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